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Henry to unleash four new specialty flooring adhesives


Aliquippa, Pa. (January 1, 2003) - The W.W. HENRY Company, the world's largest manufacturer of flooring adhesives used with resilient flooring, carpet, wood and ceramic tile, is introducing four new specialty adhesives for resilient flooring! The announcement comes at the end of a fantastic year for W.W. HENRY, and marks the company's continual progress in new product development. HENRY 412 Rubber Flooring Adhesive, HENRY 422 Premium Solid Vinyl Tile & Plank Adhesive, HENRY 452 Epoxy Flooring Adhesive, and HENRY482 LinoPro™ Premium Linoleum Adhesive are designed to help installers stay at the top of their profession and to help them grow profitably!

HENRY 412 Rubber Adhesive is a high-strength adhesive for installing rubber sheet flooring, rubber tile, rubber and vinyl stair treads. It features a powerful initial grab, superior ultimate bond, outstanding dimensional stability, moisture and alkali resistance, excellent trowel ability, easy cleanup and a 5-year warranty - the best in the industry! HENRY 412 is also solvent-free and has very little odor.

HENRY 422 Premium Solid Vinyl Tile & Plank Adhesive is for easy, fast and permanent installations of solid vinyl tile and vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile and vinyl stair treads. It features a long working time, fast strength building, a very strong ultimate bond, outstanding plasticizer migration resistance, a non-staining formula, moisture and alkali resistance, and excellent dimensional stability.

HENRY 452 General Purpose Epoxy Flooring Adhesive is a general purpose, high-strength two part epoxy adhesive for installing vinyl composition tile (VCT), felt-backed commercial sheet, linoleum, rubber tile, most recycled rubber, rubber and vinyl stair treads and commercial homogenous vinyl sheet where wet operating conditions or heavy static or rolling loads exist. The two part epoxy features short open time, excellent bond integrity, non-flammability and moisture and alkali resistance.

HENRY 482 LinoPro™ Premium Linoleum Adhesive is formulated for the installation of residential and commercial linoleum sheet flooring and glass backed linoleum floor tiles. It features an aggressive early grab, long working time, excellent bond integrity, versatile bonding ability, excellent trowel ability and moisture and alkali resistance. Additionally, it is solvent-free.

Additionally, HENRY 482 LinoPro™ and HENRY 422 Solid Vinyl Tile & Plank Adhesives have been added to the SystemOne™ family of products. That means that, in addition to Henry's Best 10-Year Warranty, these products are completely covered for 10 years when used with ARDEX Engineered Cements SystemOne products!

W. Michael Crouch, General Manager of W.W. HENRY, is thrilled that the four new adhesives will be ready for orders at Surfaces. "We thought that developing these four new products would be the perfect way to show our customers that HENRY is always working to bring them what they need. And, each adhesive fills a void. Now, there is no reason that an installer can't do a job from start to finish entirely with HENRY adhesives," he said.

In August 2000, the W.W. HENRY Company was acquired by ARDEX Engineered Cements, the leading manufacturer of specialty cements that are used by flooring and building professionals for substrate preparation, flooring installation, concrete repair and resurfacing. Both companies are headquartered in Aliquippa, Pa., near Pittsburgh. For more information, visit www.ardexamericas.com, www.wwhenry.com or www.systemonesolutions.com

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