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Ardex hosts StarNet symposium on leveraging profitability


Aliquippa, Pa. (September 17, 2003) – For years, contractor and dealer surveys rank installation problems as the number one profit killer. So, it was no surprise that when Ardex, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty cements and flooring installation products, approached StarNet, the nation's largest network of independent commercial flooring contractors, with the idea to hold a business symposium on ”Leveraging Profitability”, the stage was set for a dynamic event.

Joe Peilert, General Manager of ARDEX, explained that the program was developed to build a new dimension of partnership with its customers. “Every year ARDEX conducts seminars for over 2500 industry professionals focusing on proper subfloor preparation techniques and flooring installation products. We decided to take it a step further. By offering a list of distinguished National Speakers and Industry Experts that tackled the subject of profitability from different angles, we wanted to create a platform for new ideas and opportunities.”

“Leveraging Profitability” was developed as a business symposium organized specifically for StarNet executives to focus on opportunities within today’s economy. Executives from over 50

StarNet companies participated in the event that took place September 7-8 at the Hyatt Hotel at Pittsburgh International Airport.

  • The event kick-off was a cocktail reception and dinner at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The following day featured speakers such as:
    Robert Eckhardt, Architectural Manager for Bed Bath & Beyond, who outlined key expectations from retailers for selecting flooring contractors.
  • Robert Boyd, Financial Consultant, former CFO and COO of Burke Co., who reviewed financial and controlling tools to maximize the bottom line.
  • Jeffrey Fox, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestselling author, who introduced some unique marketing ideas to get top dollar for your work.

Lori Dowling, President & CEO of StarNet, said that her associates were very excited to be part of this ARDEX business initiative. “ARDEX did a wonderful job of putting together an informative and thought provoking lecture series on many of the challenges StarNet members are facing.” This was also echoed by comments from other StarNet members. David Triepke, President of Universal Metro Flooring commented, “The speakers shared a wealth of knowledge. The information was also a great refresher on using fundamentals to run our business.”

ARDEX Engineered Cements is the leading manufacturer of specialty cements that are used by flooring and building professionals for substrate preparation, flooring installation, concrete repair and resurfacing. StarNet was developed in 1992 after recognizing that their resources could be strengthened through a national network combining their individual capabilities. StarNet is now associated with 160 locations in 42 states.

For more information about ARDEX, visit www.ardex.com.
For StarNet information, visit www.starnetflooring.com.

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